The difference between IoT Core API and SmartHome API.

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The space and device in the IoT core API are the lowest-level association models in the Tuya system. SmartHome is a data structure model that specifically defines the SmartHome system based on the underlying model. There is a corresponding mapping relationship between the Home_id and Space_id of the family, so in fact, the association between the family and the device in the SmartHome also has corresponding data in the association structure of space and device.

Therefore, the IoT core API can control space and devices, as well as control device data under the SmartHome system.

However, the SmartHome API is a specific business scenario that can only control users, families, rooms, and devices under the SmartHome system and cannot reach data in other spaces.

IoT core API :Document jump> ... b8geg6o761

SmartHome API 地址:Document jump> ... ujwbddm7fv

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