What's the difference between PWA and MiniApp?

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PWA is popular. I suspect that PWA and MiniApp are very similar.

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Re: What's the difference between PWA and MiniApp?

MiniApps are not designed to replace Progressive Web Apps (PWA), native apps, or the web.

Broadly speaking, one of the significant differences between these technologies is the execution environment. PWAs can run in almost any web-enabled environment within a browser, while MiniApps are tied to specific platforms. Another essential difference is the distribution mechanism. MiniApps are packaged and independent, while PWA resources are distributed across the entire Web.

Both technologies use similar programming and markup languages and CSS-based stylesheets for coding. The MiniApps implements a dedicated domain-specific language based on a subset of HTML and specific mechanisms for data binding and event management.

PWAs rely on standard Web APIs, while MiniApps implement non-standard APIs to maximize the functionality of the platform, such as device-specific features and Tuya-specific services.

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