What are the advantages of choosing a MiniApp?

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When to use AppSDK and when to use MiniApp

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Re: What are the advantages of choosing a MiniApp?

If you are using OEMApp, MiniApp can help you quickly complete development. But if you want to deeply customize your business, App SDK may be a better choice.
By the way, You can still use the MiniApp by accessing MiniApp SDK.

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Re: What are the advantages of choosing a MiniApp?

MiniApp are hot-updatable, allowing for direct updates of in-app content without waiting for app release, review, or user updates. This is suitable for scenarios that require rapid validation of ideas, such as extending device capabilities or adding a secondary panel.

If you have previously developed applications using solutions like Flutter or React Native, using MiniApps can make modifications extremely simple and fast. Similar technological solutions are also quite common in the industry.

For applications with low update frequencies, high stability requirements, and a focus on user experience, the App SDK can be used.

For enterprises, finding MiniApp developers can be a cost-saving measure, so many companies choose to combine the use of the App SDK and MiniApps.

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