【Posting Guide】 Posting Guidelines for Embedded Forum

Device embedded development product technical discussion, including topics such as TuyaOS, SDK, TuyaWind IDE and other developer tools.

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In order to create a safe, content-rich, and positive forum environment, we have made the following agreements:

Regarding titles:

  1. The title should be clear and understandable.

  2. Use brackets [ ] to highlight the purpose/classification of the topic. For example:

    [Technical Tips]: Posts related to general technology or TuyaOS, including knowledge sharing, learning notes, and experience summaries.

    [Recommendation]: Recommendations for useful tools, websites, resources, etc.

    [Seeking Help]: Seeking assistance from others to solve a problem.

    [Resolved]: The posted question has been resolved.

    [Soliciting]: Collecting opinions and solutions.

    [Discussion]: Initiating a discussion on a specific topic for everyone to share their own opinions and experiences.

    [Development Resources]: Sharing documents, code, etc., required for development.

Regarding post content:

  1. The content of the post should be healthy, civilized, and legal. We encourage everyone to post more.
  2. To ensure information security, please do not include personal information such as phone numbers, QQ numbers, WeChat IDs, etc., in public posts. Also, avoid sharing important device information such as PID, key, authorization code, device ID, etc. If you need to provide such information for problem-solving, please communicate via private message. Information security is crucial!
  3. When seeking advice, it's best to provide version information, a detailed description of the problem, the steps to reproduce it, and debug-level logs for your device. This will help us serve you more efficiently.

Regarding tags:

Currently, tags are manually entered by the poster when creating a post and cannot be selected from existing tags. (Clicking on a tag allows you to view all topics with that tag.) To facilitate filtering and searching for topics using tags in the future, we have agreed upon several commonly used tags:

  1. General tag format:
    Device/Object (optional) + Topic/Use (optional),Categorized by device/object:

    • Tools: Tuya-Wind-IDE/Serial Debug Assistant/Writing Tool

    • Smart Devices: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Low Power/Wi-Fi BLE Dual-mode/Ethernet

    • Sub-devices: BLE/MESH/Beacon/Zigbee/Zigbee BLE Dual-mode/Sub-G

    • Gateway Hub: Gateway/Voice Control Hub

    • Multimedia: IPC/NVR/Video Doorbell

    • Cellular: Lte-Cat.1/Cat.4/Cat.M/NB-IoT

    Categorized by topic/use:

    • Technical Sharing

    • Experience Sharing

    • Recommendations

    • Resource Release

    • Discussion

    • Seeking Help

    • Resource Compilation

    • Operation Guide

    • Operation Guide

    • Operation Guide

    • Operation Guide

  2. Special tag:

    • Featured Post

    Only moderators can tag topics with this label. Please do not tag your own posts with this label.

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