TS0215a SOS Button - button press response

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I am developing a Zigbee Coordinator using a Silab Zigbee chip. I am currently developing the software using a Silabs eval board which I have configured as a Zigbee Coordinator. I am trying to communicate directly with the TS0215A SOS button. I can see that the TS0215a connects to the network and communications back and forth as an IAS Zone device but when I push the button I do not receive a Zigbee message at my Coordinator.

My current problem is that the TS0215A connects to my ZC and I can communicate with it but when the SOS button is pressed, I do not see any messages sent from the TS0215A.
1) What Zigbee message is sent when the SOS button is pressed, i.e. cluster/attribute/command, and can you proved an example?
2) What would keep the SOS button from sending a message to the ZC?
3) Can you provide a Zigbee trace, from reset, showing the messages and note when the SOS button is pressed?
4) Can you provide a Zigbee trace of the SOS button from reset to a button press?

See discussion on support page: https://service.console.tuya.com/8/3/de ... ort_center

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